Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thunderhawk Part 10

Oi! Wow guys, I am soooo sorry for not posting in the last week or so. I actually haven't been that busy. I've been working on a couple things, and just forgot to post. So let's get this update on the Thunderhawk under way.

Last time I posted I showed you that the main body had been completed and assembled. So that just leaves the Tail, the main wings and engines, the upper stabilizers, and the main cannon. No problem, right?

Well... more or less.
The Thunderhawk sits propped up by a pair of bar clamps while the glue dries to affixe the wing to the body.
The thunderhawk mock up, nearing completion.
As you can see I finished and attached the tail. Sort of. It turns out the model was leaning to the side a bit when I glued the tail in place so the tail fins are somewhat crooked compared to the main body.

As you can see I've attached the left main wing to the body and the engine components to the wing. There are some gaps between parts of the engine and the wing though that I will need to look at very closely when I start translating this monster into styrene.

Now I'm sure you're asking "So why haven't you started on the left wing?" Well, I have started on it. 3 times. I don't know what happened but a couple of the largest parts of the left wing don't match up size wise. You can see this massive 1/4" gap between the panels of the bottom of the wing. You can't see it from the image, but there's a comparable gap between the edges toward the front of the panels as well.
I've taken the parts into photoshop, lined them up, made sure they fit, and have printed off new parts that are glued to cardstock right now. Time will tell if this fourth attempt at the wing succeeds or not.


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