Saturday, August 04, 2012

Development of the Thunderhawk

So, I am beginning work on the Thunderhawk. At this stage what I am doing is taking the paperhammer template provided by Patoroch and building the model in sections on card stock. As I complete each section I will then reverse engineer it to understand how the parts go together, how they accomplish that, and why they are designed that way. Then I have to figure out if I can accomplish the same thing in Plasticard and Styrene and if so; how?

So here is my first effort: The Engine.
This piece has been constructed out of cardboard stock and assembled based on the instructions in the plans. I made a couple mistakes along the way but this is the part of the project to make those. So with the part built I then began studying it to determine what I want to do with the design in styrene.

So I went into photoshop, pulled the page with the plans over into it and began to break it down and make notes about it. Here is the result:
I've broken the plans, for the engine, down into small color coded sections. Each color corrosponds to a type and thickness of styrene. The light blue represents a 28mm tube while the yellow-green represents strips of styrene sheeting that will be 2mm wide.


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