Thursday, September 12, 2013

Where are the months going?

Seriously, wasn't it just July? It seems like every time I turn around another 10 days has zipped on by me. Maybe it's because I'm busier now. Between work and everything else those 24 hour chunks of time just seem to be flying on by too fast to grab. But I have been busy on a couple different projects.

First up: The Shoa Khan Blood Thirster
Shoa Khan being converted into a Blood Thirster
I am Shoa khan, Conqueror of Worlds!
I've glued all the joints so the pose is set. Next I'm going to go in with Green stuff and sculpt in muscles over the joints, expand details in other locations where the joints have caused problems and generally just lock the entire piece down so it won't move. I attached the Hive Tyrant wings to the back using brass rod and super glue. Provided he doesn't try and take a tripe down any stairs they should stay on very well.
Shoa Khans Hammer
I had to rebuild the entire shaft of the hammer because the PVC it's molded from is too soft and it has a tendency to bend under it's own weight. So I cut it off, passed a length of brass rod into the head, and attached a larger sheath of brass tube to the that. I added the toothpick at the bottom to give the hammer a spike. Why am I going with the hammer? Simple, as Brother Chaplin Kage said when I posted this idea on "Be different! Not every Bloodthirster has to carry an axe, does he?" I admit it's a bit of cop out but I think I can make it work. Add a Khorne symbol on the side of the hammer head, add spikes to the head. When I paint it add some gore effect. It should work I think.

Scratch Built Warhound titan Feet

I have been making progress on the titan as well. There are a lot of places that seriously bug me about the build and the only reason I'm letting them stand is because this is meant to be a speed thing. I need this guy built and I need it finished. Pronto. I've got a little over 2 weeks until the Apoc game I'm hosting and these pups are to be the field levelers if someone wants to be a smart alec and show up with 4 titans armed with super-anti infantry weapons.

But there are the feet with servos. The servos are just lengths of brass tubing glued into one another and then glued into place. If I were to do these over again with more time, I would have build an skeletal structure for the pistons to attach to and then built around that struture. But time and trials and all that.

Here we have the Turbo Laser cannons. I've been building it up to some degree. Once again using Brass Tubing for the cannon barrels. Rather then the basic block for a housing that the plans give me, my friend who's building the second titan stumbled on an idea: Using the body from the Plasma Cannon for the base of the Turbo Lasers. I think it adds a lot more visual interest in the weapon and I went with it. I'm going to be adding energy cell tanks on the under side when I get the chance.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Titan construction continues

So had the day off from work today, and managed to get a notable amount of work done on my Titan.
Warhound titan waist assembly
The first time I tried to build this template the biggest problem I encountered was the mounting strength of the waist assembly standing up the weight of the body and keeping the legs attached to the waist assembly itself. The legs tended to tear away from the hips while there was just no easy way to attach the body to the waist. So I needed to make sure that the assembly was rigid enough to both support the body and provide a basis of attachment for the legs.

Sadly I didn't think it through properly when building this attempt otherwise I would have handled this problem differently. Here's what I did: I glued lengths of brass tube to the pvc conduit piping and then passed tooth picked through the tubes and into the assembly itself. I then filled the crotch with hot glue to both secure the tooth picks and to shore up the strength of the assembly.
And a crotch full of hot glue...
 Looking back on it I would have built an internal support across the whole of the assembly rather then using hot glue to secure it all. Still Live, learn and apply and all that.