Saturday, March 22, 2014

Egyptian Deamon Prince

So, Army builder attention deficient disorder kicking in again. I was surfing around the net and happened upon an image that just hit my mind with an instant "OHH!" Must make that as a daemon prince!"

Genzomans awesome Anubis!
The image is of the Egyptian god, Anubis. If you're interested in checking out more work from him, I would strongly advise you to check out his deviant art page. But wait! Deamon Princes basically HAVE to have wings to be useful in the game. Anubis doesn't have wings. So what do I do? Add wings? Eh... no. not so much. I had a different idea:
So I built a sort of floating base that will be mounted on a flight stand. 3 layers of insulation foam glued together and then carved down forms the basis of the base.

I applied a layer of sheet styrene with a tile etched pattern on it to the top of the foam, making this look like the Daemon used a spell or power of some form to raise up a portion of the ground he was standing on.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Servo-Skull tape meassure

So I've been working on the Servo-Skull tape measure a bit today. Work has been taking precidence lately so I haven't had much time to work on 40k material but I've been able to squeeze an couple hours to at least get a base coat and layer down for the skull:

The servo-skull

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Battle Scenes: Blood Ravens vs Chaos Demons

I got a 2k point game in against a guy I met at Game Vault named Matt. He was running a Khorne centered list of Chaos demons with Chaos Space Marine allies. It was the first time I've faced off against a Demons army. I gotta say that is one jacked up army. Every turn he had to roll for some effect on some table. Needless to say it's an army I won't be touching anytime soon for that reason. Might do some of the models, but not gonna play the army itself. But managed to get some in-game shots from the game.

The Blood Raven Chapter Master on bike challenges one of the Blood Crushers
Challenge accepted!
I was trying out a new combo of wargear and units. In this particular case I took a chapter master on a bike with Teeth of Terra and Shield eternal and rather then taking 3 Iron Clad dreadnoughts I swapped for a bare bones predator and allies in the form of  2 squads of  counts as Imperial Fist Stern Guard Death Watch with a Watch Captain (In the form of Pedro Kantor). 

The chapter master just outright messes with units in Close combat. Sending him in solo he get +D3 attacks, which quit nicely makes up for the lack of extra attacks due to carrying the Shield Eternal which in turn gives him a 3+ invulnerable with eternal warrior. Oh and Chapter Masters have 4 wounds. You're not taking him down fast in a normal game.

I did make a couple mistakes with him, like forgetting the +D3 attacks for 2 rounds of combat, and also I forgot that because I was running him with White Scars chapter tactics, he gets hit and run. That could have seriously changed the course of the game.

The Chapter Master continues to cleave through the Khorne Hound unit.
The Chapter Master continues to cleave through the Khorne Hound unit.

The last Chaos Demons Khorne Blood Crusher gets mowed down as it comes into the firing lanes of a Squad of Death Watch Marines who unload with their special ammo.
The Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter Master on a bike with Teeth of Terra engages the Chaos Demons greater Deamon of Khorne the Blood Thirster

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Repainting a tool

Okay so I lost my tape measure sometime before last Thursday and I had to buy one at the shop at the last minute. All the store had in presently was one of those Servo-skull looking Tape measures Games Workshop releases with the release of 6th Ed. I never much cared for those ones, but I had little choice so I bought it. While I played the game with it I got more and more annoyed with the coloring of it. So I resolved to dismantle it, stripe it, and paint it to look more like... well like a servo skull. So Here we go:

Got it dismantled:

I had it mounted on some cork board and got it primed today. I was going to take a picture of it, but the black primer made it really hard to see details of any kind. So I didn't take a picture of that. In place of it, see a picture of it assembled after being primed black:

Friday, March 07, 2014

A Son of Titan

So I'm working on a new project. Yes yes yes, my ADHD is kicking in of late. In the last week I've done an Eldar Phoenix Lord Conversion, was working on painting a DeathWatch detachment while converting a DeathWatch dreadnought, and painted a unit of Ultramarine Terminators after converting them from the Dark Vengeance set. So yeah, it's not stopping today.

A while back I was checking out MiniWar Gaming's Painting a Grey Knight Dreadnight video, and I liked what they did with the base so I tried my hand at a similar base.
Games Workshop 90mm large base built up and converted to be more visually interesting useing cork and styrene pipes.

And then I started working on the actual Dread Knight. And of course I can't leave it at that.
I put magnets in the wrist of the hands and weapons of the Dreadknight to allow weapon swapping.
I wanted to make the weapons swappable. So I turned to magnets once again. I had to be very very careful when drilling out the space for the magnets because the magnet itself is only slightly smaller then the shaft of the hands. if I drilled too far off center I would have ruined the piece. Not something I wanted to do.

In order to mount a magnet in the arm itself I had to get a bit creative as there's just an empty space in the arm. So what did I do? Added some green stuff.
In order to mount magnets in the arm I used a portion of Green stuff to fill in the arm.
I used a mass of Green stuff in the lower arm and then pressed the 2nd half of the arm into place till fill the void. Once the Green Stuff cured I went in and drilled a space for the accompanying magnets.

Now I have to wait for the Virginia weather to figure out what season it wants to give us before I can prime the model. You know, having snow coming down makes it a bit of a challenge to prime.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Jain Zar!

So I ran across a partial conversion a while back where the converter had used the Lylith model as a base for an Eldar styled gladiator of some form. Looking at it I was struck by the fact that Lylith would make a great base for Jain Zar model. I was somewhat shocked to learn that the Jain Zar model hadn't been switched over to FineCast, yes it is still metal! Still, that worked out to my advantage somewhat:

Converted Dark Eldar Lylith model to be Jain Zar
Jain Zar! The Phoinex Lord of the Banshee!

So the first thing I did to create this conversion was I used instant mold to create a cast of the face and head of the Jain Zar. I didn't need a total cast, just of the mask and from of the hair. The rest I felt confident in being able to sculpt to match up with the details of the model.

While I waited for the instant mold to cool I worked on shaving down the spikes and more angular armor pads on the model to remove much of the Dark Eldar feel from the model. I then used a portion of green stuff to both cast up a green stuff copy of the face and fill in the sections on the segmented pads. This again helped to move the model away from its Dark Eldar origin and closer to the Eldar Phoinex lord I was aiming for.

With the mask casting cured I removed it from the mold and worked to cut away the extra material in the hair and neck of the cast. I just needed the mask itself. I used my dremal to shave down the face of the Lylith model and to carve out a section in the mask casting. Once I felt the mask would sit properly on the model I used some super glue to attach it.

From there it was a matter of re-sculpting to hair to go from the Mask to the hair plum for Lylith.
Converted Dark Eldar Lylith model to be Jain Zar
Here you can see how the mask joined with the head itself.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Remember these guys?

Do you remember back... hmmm about 8 or 9 months ago when I said I was working on De-Dark Angeling the Terminators from the Dark Vengeance set? Well I've been working on those guys again on and off as the mood hit me. Mainly for a difference in pace, but also because I had wanted to try out the then new GW paint range, I painted the first member of the squad in Ultramarine colors. So following in that first members foot steps I've continued working on the squad in Ultramarine colors.
I converted the Dark Vengence Dark Angels Terminators to be Ultramarine Terminators.
Ultramrines terminators stand ready, mostly.
The above image shows the models in mostly the base colors, though the blue has been highlighted using the directions from one of the Games Workshop tutorials.

One thing I very consciously did was follow the color directions for the Captain Sicarius painting tutorial from the Digital Codex Collection. While the Terminators are from the first Company of the Ultramarines, I wanted to make it look like they were perhaps attached to the 2nd company and thus be under the command of Sicarius. I really like this deep rich red color which can be seen on the Sergents sash:
The Khorne red base, and Baal red wash gives the sash a deep crimson coloring.
The, and most of the reds in the squad are done using a base color of Khorne red with a Baal red wash (The equivalent wash in the current series is Carroburg Crimson) gives the sash a deep crimson coloring that I then highlighted using Khorne red, followed by mephiston red followed by Blood red (wazdakka red).

I tried doing some wear and tear coloring on some of the models, again using the tutorials from the digital collection. The best example of this I can show is on the helmet of the Sergent.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

The Death Watch assemble

So I've got the infantry members of the Death Watch like 95% complete. I can do more work on the paint jobs, highlighting and picking out details, but as far as table top worthy go they are such.
a squad of Death Watch marines made up of one Ultramarine trooper, one Iron hands Marine, one Dark Angel marine, one Aurora Chapter Marine, one imperial fist marines, one blood angel marine, one space wolf marine, one crimson fist marine, one Black Templar marine, and an ultramarines sergent
The first Death Watch Squad
a squad of Death Watch marines made up of one Iron hands Marine, one Dark Angel marine, one Aurora Chapter Marine, one imperial fist marines, one blood angel marine, one space wolf marine, one crimson fist marine, one Black Templar marine, a Black Shield marine armed with a heavy bolter, and an ultramarines sergent
The Second Death Watch Squad

A converted Pedro Kantor serves as the Death Watch Captain
The Death Watch Captain
I tried to build each marine to be diverse and different but still part of a unit. That's the big appeal of the Death Watch RPG game. You might have a Dark Angels Marine playing alongside a Space Wolves Marine along side an Iron Hands Iron Father being commanded by an Ultramarine. But they are still a unit. So there are lots of little conversions like the addition of a strap to some bolters, or the use of pieces to give some marines the Marksmans honour. I did something with the paints to mark out each squad. Can you see what it is?

I have decided to expand the force by adding a Dreadnought and probably 2 rhinos. The Dreadnought I've been working on by dipping through my bitz boxes. It sometimes shocks me when I manage to find nearly complete kits in there.

The converted Death watch dreadnought mounted on the base.
The Dreadnought thus far.
I've followed a similar approach to building the dreadnought with what I did for the infantry, subtle conversions to change the model but not re-design it to be something else. In this case I wanted to give the dread some dynamism and reposed the legs to better adjust to the terrain of the base. It's a bit difficult to see from the front the conversion work on the legs, so here's a different angle of the model:
A side on view of the dread on the base

The base by the way is from Dragon Forge Design's Ancient Ruins series. If you're looking for super high quality bases with fantastic detail I would recommend you check out his sight. I have never been disappointed by his bases.

The Dreadnought is going to be the Dreadnought version of Brother Quintus. Yeah, remember him from way back when? So in order to carry the story of Brother Quintus forward I'm going to arm the Dreadnought with a heavy bolter and explain it as being master crafted so I can play it as being twin-linked. If my opponent raises an issue with Dreads not being able to take Heavy bolters out of the current regular codexes, fine. I'll let it count as an assault cannon.