Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wow... how that time flies

Wow, it's been almost 3 weeks since I started this blog! Holy cow! My oh my how the time does fly. Also I've been somewhat busy of late, between work and school those 24 hours in a day just kind of fly right on by. But I have more to report on.

I'm preparing for a Death Watch campaign with my gaming group and the big thing I'm focusing on is my character, Brother Quintus of the Ultramarines.

Quintus lays down a hail of heavy
bolter fire with Marcus'
heavy bolter.
 Story wise Quintus is a survivor of the first Tyrannic war on Macrage so he knows how to fight Xenos. I crafted what I feel to be a good bio for the character in order to give him some depth and explain who he is and such, which you can read below:

Born on the world of Prandium, Quintus showed his abilities at a young age competing in competitions of speed, stamina, and marksmanship, frequently besting boys 2 and 3 years his senior. His greatest rival became apparent when he was 8 and he took part in a week long challenge to cross the Northern mountain ranges. Quintus achieved a commanding lead early on, and pressed his advantage. On the second day of the challenge, Quintus found he had been passed by another 8 year old boy named Marcus. Quintus quickly redoubled his pace and quickly closed the gap with Marcus. The pair continued in the challenge for the next two days until the finish line was in sight. At break neck speeds the pair approached the finish line no clear winner in sight. It came down to the observers at the finish line to declare that Marcus the winner by only the slimmest of margins.
Quintus can also use a bolter.

Marcus and Quintus again crossed paths a month later at an archery competition. As the competition drew to it’s final rounds, only a hand full of boys including Marcus and Quintus still stood. Slowly, Marcus and Quintus beat their adversaries and it came down to the two of them alone. The pair continued to match one another shot for shot and the competition continued on without end in sight. After nearly a full day of shooting, Qunintus finally won the competition but only by the slimmest of margins. And so the boys rivalry continued to grow for the next few years as they competed in one form after another nearly without end, frequently ending in a draw as neither boy would back down or declare defeat.

Quintus using a Lascannon.
 While it was still a day of considerable pride, few were surprised when both boys were selected to be Ultramarines. The boys rivalry continued to thrive as they pair proceeded through training and conditioning and perhaps it was chance, perhaps it was their training officer trying to teach them to trust one another, but the pair were constantly assigned to the same training squads and operations. Gradually their rivalry became a friendly one as each of them grew into aspiring marines and were ultimately assigned to their first active squad as devastators.
When the Tyranids attacked Macragge, Quintus and Marcus were assigned to a unit sent to reinforce a defense line. As their position was overwhelmed and their squad mates scythed down, Quintus and Marcus were hard pressed to hold the line. As a Termegaunt grievously injured Marcus, Quintus picked up Marcus’ heavy bolter and proceeded to unload into the advancing termegaunts. Finding some new level of focus and prediction, Quintus was unable to miss a single shot, each bolt felling a creature with out failure. Doing alone what his squad had failed to do, Quintus was soon facing a wall of dead xenos.

Ultimately additional relief troops arrived and rescued Quintus’ squad. Marcus, injured beyond any apothacary’s skill to heal died soon after. On his brothers body, Quintus made a vow to fight the xenos and took up Marcus’ heavy bolter as his preferred weapon of choice. In the years since Macragge, Quintus has become highly accomplished as a devastator marine and gained the attention of Chaplin Cassius who offered Quintus the chance to serve in the Death Watch, a chance he quickly accepted.


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