Welcome to the Videos page. Here I will list the various videos I have produced in connection to this blog. Each video will be listed under a specified category. Videos that are intended to show you how to accomplish something, such as a paint effect or how to build a tool of some sort will be listed under the "Tutorials" section, while videos that review a project or kit will be listed under "Project Reviews." As time goes on I intend to add more videos and they will be available for viewing both here and on my YouTube Channel.


Making Sanding Sticks

I show you how I make sanding sticks, a useful tool for smoothing out minor defects or imperfections in the plastic or resin of models. This approach allows you to make many sanding sticks in whatever grit you need.

Making Mounting Poles

Mounting poles, sometimes known as mounts or mounting armatures, are a useful tool for holding pieces for painting or priming. Consisting of some sort of clamp at the end of a long arm there are numerous ways to make them. Here is how I make mine. 


Transferring Paint to dropper bottles

Dropper bottles offer easier and better control over paint usage, but not all of the companies that produce the paint put their product in dropper bottles. So what's a hobbyist to do? Simple, switch it to dropper bottles.