Friday, April 11, 2014

The Perfect Space Wolf insult

This is an idea I originally came up a couple years ago for a counts as Thousand Sons unit. The idea is pretty straight forward: Enemy marines that have been captured have been handed over to the Dark Mechanicum and converted into combat servitors. Then in agreement with their Chaos Marine allies, they lead units of these lobotomized marines into combat. The AP 3 bolters is explained by saying they are using Vengence rounds in the bolters while the 5+ invulnerable is explainable by saying they use some sort of force field when in combat.

I sold the original servitor-wolves a while back when I sold my last Chaos army. But I'm starting another one and the whole servitorized captured space wolves that count as thousand sons.... god I just love that irony, I'm putting models of the space wolves on the table that count as thousand sons all it really needs is for them to be lead by a Dark Angels Librarian (hmmm....).... anyway. Sorry ADHD kicking in there. I really love this idea so I'm revisiting it. Last time I got hung up on the counts as aspiring sorcerer model. Well I think I've got it hammered out:

this counts as Thousand Sons Aspiring Sorceror is meant to depict an Adept of the Dark Mechanicum cult.
The Adept of the Dark Mechanicum counts at an aspiring Sorcerer.
this counts as Thousand Sons Aspiring Sorceror is meant to depict an Adept of the Dark Mechanicum cult.

The mecha-axe is way bigger then I originally thought it would be, but after building the model and looking at it I've found I like it more like this. Gives this look of an over-burdened menial level worker. Like he pissed off his magos so he got assigned to lead the combat servitors into battle in agreement with whatever Chaos lord we're serving this week.

"But master, I am no warrior. I have no weapons." he pleads.

"Error! Condition: No weapons. Rectified." The Dark Magos tones in his digital logic influenced speak as he shoves the Atomic Glave at the menial.

"But... my lord... I can not wield such a weapon." The menial whines.

"Statement: Unable to wield weapon. Condition: True. Subject: Verehnass Omicron Psi 91168. Conclusion: Learn. Communication status: Terminated!" The Dark Magos replies coldly.

Anyway, the model itself is based on the Cairn Wraith model, though it's been rather extensively modified. The only parts from the model I actually used were the cloak and skull face. Everything else was added. I stuck a big wad of Green stuff into the empty cavity to give me a body to work with. Then I took a pair of mechanical legs from Anvil Industries Bionic Legs set and cut the legs from the groin and use wire to mount the legs into the green stuff. I had to cut and chop down the length of the cloak on the model to allow it to accommodate the fact that it's not going to be floating any more. Once the legs where mounted I went to work on the mecha-dendrites. I used a set of Servo Skulls from Forge World  and added the small tools to the end of the tubing I got from Dragon Forge Design. Bending the tubing proved to be a new exercise for me. I used a series of pen bodies, and tool handles of various sizes to provide a form to bend the cables around that way it would 'coil' as opposed to bend. For the left hand... er.... thing, I decided to go with something a bit different and took a small section of medium sized tubing, drilled out a hole in the center of the tubing and glued in a set of three segments of small wire. My intent was to make it look like the adepts hand disassembled and this data connection/micro manipulator/whatever extended out of his wrist. Not sure I succeeded or not.

The weapon was a whole different ball game. I got the axe it self from Max Mini's Steam Punk weapons line, cut down the length of the shaft to better accommodate the size of the model and went to work on the head (jesus that sounds like a lead in for a bad porno). The Emitter Matrix is made from a cut down section of a Necron sniper rifle and then attached to the back of the axe head.

Wow, I just listed off parts that I got from 5 separate companies. I gotta say that kinda surprises me. Anyway, I'm gonna try and base it later today.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Well here I am

Greetings once again all. So some good news/bad news time. Since I prefer the approach of "Bad news first that way the good news sounds that much better" I'm gonna start with with that.

I lost my regular job, yeah the one where I made about $2k a month.

I wasn't fired, the company went through a re-org to stream line a lot of things and my position was one of the ones that got eliminated. Because of my pay rate at the time I wasn't able to take any of the job openings at the time with out a major pay cut and the company was obligated to offer me the same pay rate I was presently getting. So why pay a guy $2k a month to do a job when we can pay someone else $1250 a month to do the exact same job? Yeah, I can't say I fault them. Given the situation I would likely have made the exact same choice. So since I was laid off, as opposed to terminated, I got a pretty nice severance package so I'm not exactly hurting in the money department right now. But I am without regular income. I still have my side jobs and free lance work so I have money coming in, but yeah.

So what's the good news? Got more time for my hobby stuff. Which is kind of a good thing actually because I'm coming down to the wire on getting ready for the Apocalypse game. I've been working with a friend to get the large scale terrain materials completed but her schedule and mine hadn't been syncing up terribly well previously do to school and work between the two of us. But with my schedule freeing up the way it has been it makes it easier to sync up now. I've still got a fair amount of work to do on the terrain. The war wall needs to be finished being built and then painted, the orbital defense laser needs to be built and painted, the orbital lander like wise needs to be built and painted. The annoying problem with these projects is that there are sections where all you can do is wait for the glue to dry. And by large sections I mean like 1-2 days. So yeah... makes it interesting.

Now, has you all know I have an incredibly bad case of ADHD when it comes to projects so yes I will be working on the stuff for the apoc ga... SQUIRREL!

Sorry what was I saying? Oh right, what I'm working on.

Well a while back I did a HelBrute conversion with a Twin-linked Lascannon. You'll remember that this was back when all we really had was the HelBrute from the Dark Vengeance set. And then later I rebuilt another Helbrute to have two power fists. Well I've been working on painting them. Oh and the standard HelBrute from the DV kit as well. I mostly finished the Dark Vengeance Helbrute already, minus the tentacles on the side that is.
The Games Workshop Helbrute with Power fist and Multimelta from the Dark Vengeance box set painted in Crimson Slaughter colors.
The Dark Vengeance HelBrute in Crimson Slaughter Colors

I need to get a good base color for purple on the tentacle. Surprise surprise I don't have one. But with that one largely done I was ready to start on the other two:
3 helbrutes from Games Workshop, all from the Dark Vengeance Box set but two of them have been converted. One with Two power fists and the second with a twin linked lascannon.
The three Crimson Slaughter HelBrutes!
The other two helbrutes are only base colored so far but I am working on them in spurts.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Egyptian Deamon Prince

So, Army builder attention deficient disorder kicking in again. I was surfing around the net and happened upon an image that just hit my mind with an instant "OHH!" Must make that as a daemon prince!"

Genzomans awesome Anubis!
The image is of the Egyptian god, Anubis. If you're interested in checking out more work from him, I would strongly advise you to check out his deviant art page. But wait! Deamon Princes basically HAVE to have wings to be useful in the game. Anubis doesn't have wings. So what do I do? Add wings? Eh... no. not so much. I had a different idea:
So I built a sort of floating base that will be mounted on a flight stand. 3 layers of insulation foam glued together and then carved down forms the basis of the base.

I applied a layer of sheet styrene with a tile etched pattern on it to the top of the foam, making this look like the Daemon used a spell or power of some form to raise up a portion of the ground he was standing on.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Servo-Skull tape meassure

So I've been working on the Servo-Skull tape measure a bit today. Work has been taking precidence lately so I haven't had much time to work on 40k material but I've been able to squeeze an couple hours to at least get a base coat and layer down for the skull:

The servo-skull

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Battle Scenes: Blood Ravens vs Chaos Demons

I got a 2k point game in against a guy I met at Game Vault named Matt. He was running a Khorne centered list of Chaos demons with Chaos Space Marine allies. It was the first time I've faced off against a Demons army. I gotta say that is one jacked up army. Every turn he had to roll for some effect on some table. Needless to say it's an army I won't be touching anytime soon for that reason. Might do some of the models, but not gonna play the army itself. But managed to get some in-game shots from the game.

The Blood Raven Chapter Master on bike challenges one of the Blood Crushers
Challenge accepted!
I was trying out a new combo of wargear and units. In this particular case I took a chapter master on a bike with Teeth of Terra and Shield eternal and rather then taking 3 Iron Clad dreadnoughts I swapped for a bare bones predator and allies in the form of  2 squads of  counts as Imperial Fist Stern Guard Death Watch with a Watch Captain (In the form of Pedro Kantor). 

The chapter master just outright messes with units in Close combat. Sending him in solo he get +D3 attacks, which quit nicely makes up for the lack of extra attacks due to carrying the Shield Eternal which in turn gives him a 3+ invulnerable with eternal warrior. Oh and Chapter Masters have 4 wounds. You're not taking him down fast in a normal game.

I did make a couple mistakes with him, like forgetting the +D3 attacks for 2 rounds of combat, and also I forgot that because I was running him with White Scars chapter tactics, he gets hit and run. That could have seriously changed the course of the game.

The Chapter Master continues to cleave through the Khorne Hound unit.
The Chapter Master continues to cleave through the Khorne Hound unit.

The last Chaos Demons Khorne Blood Crusher gets mowed down as it comes into the firing lanes of a Squad of Death Watch Marines who unload with their special ammo.
The Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter Master on a bike with Teeth of Terra engages the Chaos Demons greater Deamon of Khorne the Blood Thirster

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Repainting a tool

Okay so I lost my tape measure sometime before last Thursday and I had to buy one at the shop at the last minute. All the store had in presently was one of those Servo-skull looking Tape measures Games Workshop releases with the release of 6th Ed. I never much cared for those ones, but I had little choice so I bought it. While I played the game with it I got more and more annoyed with the coloring of it. So I resolved to dismantle it, stripe it, and paint it to look more like... well like a servo skull. So Here we go:

Got it dismantled:

I had it mounted on some cork board and got it primed today. I was going to take a picture of it, but the black primer made it really hard to see details of any kind. So I didn't take a picture of that. In place of it, see a picture of it assembled after being primed black:

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Son of Titan

So I'm working on a new project. Yes yes yes, my ADHD is kicking in of late. In the last week I've done an Eldar Phoenix Lord Conversion, was working on painting a DeathWatch detachment while converting a DeathWatch dreadnought, and painted a unit of Ultramarine Terminators after converting them from the Dark Vengeance set. So yeah, it's not stopping today.

A while back I was checking out MiniWar Gaming's Painting a Grey Knight Dreadnight video, and I liked what they did with the base so I tried my hand at a similar base.
Games Workshop 90mm large base built up and converted to be more visually interesting useing cork and styrene pipes.

And then I started working on the actual Dread Knight. And of course I can't leave it at that.
I put magnets in the wrist of the hands and weapons of the Dreadknight to allow weapon swapping.
I wanted to make the weapons swappable. So I turned to magnets once again. I had to be very very careful when drilling out the space for the magnets because the magnet itself is only slightly smaller then the shaft of the hands. if I drilled too far off center I would have ruined the piece. Not something I wanted to do.

In order to mount a magnet in the arm itself I had to get a bit creative as there's just an empty space in the arm. So what did I do? Added some green stuff.
In order to mount magnets in the arm I used a portion of Green stuff to fill in the arm.
I used a mass of Green stuff in the lower arm and then pressed the 2nd half of the arm into place till fill the void. Once the Green Stuff cured I went in and drilled a space for the accompanying magnets.

Now I have to wait for the Virginia weather to figure out what season it wants to give us before I can prime the model. You know, having snow coming down makes it a bit of a challenge to prime.