Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post-Christmas Update

Hey everyone. I know I know, I haven't posted in almost a... *looks at last post*... in quit a while. It's that time of the year. You know the one, where your basic work load doubles, customers tempers fray needlessly, everyone is in a rush and everyone must get the answer/item they want no matter what anyone else thinks, says, or does. Or what the reality of the situation is. Oh wait, that's only if you work in retail. Yeah, for all of you who work in retail you know what I'm talking about. This time of year is harder then any other segment of the year with out question. And I have to deal with it. So that's why I haven't posted in several weeks. On a brighter note, all that work is paying off.

When I took my current position my department was ranked as 1106 out of the company with a total of 1116 spots. At that level there really isn't anyway to slip further down the scale unless you are honestly and sincerely trying to fail. That was 3 months ago. As of the beginning of December we were 221, and has of this past Monday, we were 302. Now that sounds like we're sliding back down, a fluctuation of 79 spots is very common with the department rankings. Our rankings are based on client and customer reviews that are submitted through an online survey. The client is presented with a series of 20 questions and a scale of 1 to 10. And then asked to rank how they feel we performed based on each question.

Of the 150-200 customers we deal with in a given week, perhaps 3 or 4 will actually take the survey. And of those 4, maybe 1 will actually think about their answer. More often the rankings are totally arbitrary and are all 10s or all 1s. So with 8 reviews with all 100's on the record, if we get a review that is all 1s, we just dropped from a 100% ranking to a 87% which can easily translate to a drop of 40 spots in the ranking. Imagine how much we drop if we only have 5 reviews and one of them is all 1s?

That being said, the new year is right around the corner. And with the new year comes new opportunities. I'm sure many of you have seen the leaked images of the new Dark Angle models. I'll withhold judgement until I can get my hands on the models and do a proper review of the kits.

As an aside, the digital camera I had been using for my posts is no longer mine to use. So for the immediate time I will be limited to taking pictures with my phone.

Though one brighter note. I got the audio drama "Horus Heresy: The Dark King/The Lightning Tower" for Christmas. I haven't had the chance to really sit down and listen to it just yet, but it did lead me to organizing my media library a little bit. Getting a rather nice collection aren't I?