Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chaos forces - Dark Adeptus Combat Constructs

I've been shifting some focuses in the past couple months, in terms of 40k projects and have been working on my Chaos Space Marine forces recently. One of the central concepts in my view for my Chaos Forces is that it's not a single unified army that answers to a single leader. Rather it's a loose conglomeration of different groups that for today, have agreed to work with one another for whatever reason. This gives me lots of conversion possibilities and separate modeling options by having different squad from different legions and war bands. I can have a squad of Night Lords along side a unit of World Eater Berzerkers advancing under fire support of Dark Mechanicus Servitor Slaves under the command of a Renegade Nova Marine turns Chaos Lord.

So, this particular entry is a Count-as Obliterators unit. The idea is that they are Combat Constructs, heavy combat machines akin to baby dreadnoughts. The Dark Mechanicus are given prisoners, which it then cuts their brains apart, wire them into a Servo-matrix that consults the brain for creativity and then applies what the program decides is good to the battle field. This gives the constructs greater adaptability in the field then a pure machine spirit controlled unit. The end result are large, heavily armored constructs plodding across the battle field bringing an assortment of heavy cannons and dark energy weapons to bear against their designated targets.

Count As Chaos Obliterators converted from Space Marine Centurions.
The models are based on Centurion models with a few minor modifications. I got the core idea from a conversion done by Dave Taylor as an addition to his Adeptus Mechanicus forces. I could have sworn he was also where I got the idea the idea for the domed heads but after breezing back through his blog I couldn't find it. Anyway, I had the idea to instead of using heads to put domed helmets on them to help carry the idea of face machines. I accomplished this by taking space marine shoulder pads, cutting off the bottom rim and then shaving down the sides just a bit to allow it to fit in the space on top of the Centurion bodies.

In order to remove the more Imperial looking designation from the shoulder pads I had to use a combination of an exacto blade and sanding sticks. I used my exacto blade to cut a hard line along the edge of the rimming on the shoulder pad. I then came in and very carefully carved away the imperial insignia and details from the shoulders using the cut line as a sort of break point so I would be less likely to accidentally cut through the rim edging. Once I had the majority of the insignia cut off I cam back with sanding sticks and smoothed out the remains. I did a similar removal of the insignias on the chest plates as well.

The rest of the conversions were largely on an individual model basis and largely based around mounting different weapons on the arms.

Count As Chaos Obliterators converted from Space Marine Centurions.

To carry the "old style tech" sort of look I raided my supply for Pre-heresy Forge world heavy weapons. Here I had to cut off the back shoulder padding and brace and then mounted the Multi-melta to the under side of the right arm. I was able to flex the cables from the Centurion kit enough to meet up with the side pressure chambers of the Multimelta. I still need to come back and use a little green stuff to join up the connection itself.

Count As Chaos Obliterators converted from Space Marine Centurions.
For the second Obliterator I used the plasma cannon and again had to cut off the back of he shoulder mount. I used the tentacle maker from Green Stuff Industries to make a pair of cables. I cut small segments of styrnene tubing and affixed the green stuff cables to those slices and then glued the slices to the back of the Centurion body and the Plasma cannon body respectively.


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