Saturday, February 07, 2015

Yeah I'm still here...

I am still alive, it's just that the last 8 weeks or so really hit me a lot harder then I was expecting them to. In short, I'm getting older. I've worked retail and other high-demand jobs since I was 14 so I thought I had a pretty good idea how the Christmas season and its fall out would stack up for me. I knew it was going to be an increased work load and I wasn't going to have the free time I had previously, that's why I had started to do the 'year in review' I had said I was going to do. While I couldn't commit to any major project work, I could talk about what I had done and what I had learned from those prior projects.

Well, this last Christmas season hit me a lot harder then previous ones. Working 40+ hours a week left me absolutely dog tired and unable to focus when I got home. While I could do little bits of hobby work here and there, I was left too exhausted to really focus on any project or bring the brain power writing up a post to explain anything about it would really entail.

I did get work done of a variety of projects and did post quick snippets about them on my facebook page, but I never really talked about the work in detail. That is what this page is for. Now that things are settling down and I'm recovered from the madness of the Christmas season I'm returning to blogging.

For today just a quickie update, the addition of a new tutorial video: Switching Paints from Citadel paint pots to dropper bottles. As always, you can view all my Tutorial videos on my Videos page.


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