Friday, September 30, 2016

Yeah I'm still alive

Hey all. I know I haven't posted on here in a while. Live has been life and I've learning at least the basic ins and outs of streaming so the time has really gotten away from me. But I am still alive and I am still working on various projects. Depending on how you look at it I'm covering them in more detail by streaming. See, I can just record my live stream and then load it up to YouTube. Now I highly doubt anyone will actually sit and watch the entire live stream, but the information is there and it helps to provide a record for me that I can go back and review when I type information up. For easier organization I've begun assembling the various recorded live streams into play lists.

This live stream is of me building the Marauder bomber in paper-hammer form. Well Cardboard form

This playlist is of the Chaos play through of Dawn of War: Dark Crusade I did:

Then we have my project reviews. These aren't live streams but if you want some quick overviews of prior projects, this is it.