Friday, March 07, 2014

A Son of Titan

So I'm working on a new project. Yes yes yes, my ADHD is kicking in of late. In the last week I've done an Eldar Phoenix Lord Conversion, was working on painting a DeathWatch detachment while converting a DeathWatch dreadnought, and painted a unit of Ultramarine Terminators after converting them from the Dark Vengeance set. So yeah, it's not stopping today.

A while back I was checking out MiniWar Gaming's Painting a Grey Knight Dreadnight video, and I liked what they did with the base so I tried my hand at a similar base.
Games Workshop 90mm large base built up and converted to be more visually interesting useing cork and styrene pipes.

And then I started working on the actual Dread Knight. And of course I can't leave it at that.
I put magnets in the wrist of the hands and weapons of the Dreadknight to allow weapon swapping.
I wanted to make the weapons swappable. So I turned to magnets once again. I had to be very very careful when drilling out the space for the magnets because the magnet itself is only slightly smaller then the shaft of the hands. if I drilled too far off center I would have ruined the piece. Not something I wanted to do.

In order to mount a magnet in the arm itself I had to get a bit creative as there's just an empty space in the arm. So what did I do? Added some green stuff.
In order to mount magnets in the arm I used a portion of Green stuff to fill in the arm.
I used a mass of Green stuff in the lower arm and then pressed the 2nd half of the arm into place till fill the void. Once the Green Stuff cured I went in and drilled a space for the accompanying magnets.

Now I have to wait for the Virginia weather to figure out what season it wants to give us before I can prime the model. You know, having snow coming down makes it a bit of a challenge to prime.


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