Thursday, March 13, 2014

Battle Scenes: Blood Ravens vs Chaos Demons

I got a 2k point game in against a guy I met at Game Vault named Matt. He was running a Khorne centered list of Chaos demons with Chaos Space Marine allies. It was the first time I've faced off against a Demons army. I gotta say that is one jacked up army. Every turn he had to roll for some effect on some table. Needless to say it's an army I won't be touching anytime soon for that reason. Might do some of the models, but not gonna play the army itself. But managed to get some in-game shots from the game.

The Blood Raven Chapter Master on bike challenges one of the Blood Crushers
Challenge accepted!
I was trying out a new combo of wargear and units. In this particular case I took a chapter master on a bike with Teeth of Terra and Shield eternal and rather then taking 3 Iron Clad dreadnoughts I swapped for a bare bones predator and allies in the form of  2 squads of  counts as Imperial Fist Stern Guard Death Watch with a Watch Captain (In the form of Pedro Kantor). 

The chapter master just outright messes with units in Close combat. Sending him in solo he get +D3 attacks, which quit nicely makes up for the lack of extra attacks due to carrying the Shield Eternal which in turn gives him a 3+ invulnerable with eternal warrior. Oh and Chapter Masters have 4 wounds. You're not taking him down fast in a normal game.

I did make a couple mistakes with him, like forgetting the +D3 attacks for 2 rounds of combat, and also I forgot that because I was running him with White Scars chapter tactics, he gets hit and run. That could have seriously changed the course of the game.

The Chapter Master continues to cleave through the Khorne Hound unit.
The Chapter Master continues to cleave through the Khorne Hound unit.

The last Chaos Demons Khorne Blood Crusher gets mowed down as it comes into the firing lanes of a Squad of Death Watch Marines who unload with their special ammo.
The Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter Master on a bike with Teeth of Terra engages the Chaos Demons greater Deamon of Khorne the Blood Thirster


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