Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Jain Zar!

So I ran across a partial conversion a while back where the converter had used the Lylith model as a base for an Eldar styled gladiator of some form. Looking at it I was struck by the fact that Lylith would make a great base for Jain Zar model. I was somewhat shocked to learn that the Jain Zar model hadn't been switched over to FineCast, yes it is still metal! Still, that worked out to my advantage somewhat:

Converted Dark Eldar Lylith model to be Jain Zar
Jain Zar! The Phoinex Lord of the Banshee!

So the first thing I did to create this conversion was I used instant mold to create a cast of the face and head of the Jain Zar. I didn't need a total cast, just of the mask and from of the hair. The rest I felt confident in being able to sculpt to match up with the details of the model.

While I waited for the instant mold to cool I worked on shaving down the spikes and more angular armor pads on the model to remove much of the Dark Eldar feel from the model. I then used a portion of green stuff to both cast up a green stuff copy of the face and fill in the sections on the segmented pads. This again helped to move the model away from its Dark Eldar origin and closer to the Eldar Phoinex lord I was aiming for.

With the mask casting cured I removed it from the mold and worked to cut away the extra material in the hair and neck of the cast. I just needed the mask itself. I used my dremal to shave down the face of the Lylith model and to carve out a section in the mask casting. Once I felt the mask would sit properly on the model I used some super glue to attach it.

From there it was a matter of re-sculpting to hair to go from the Mask to the hair plum for Lylith.
Converted Dark Eldar Lylith model to be Jain Zar
Here you can see how the mask joined with the head itself.


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