Monday, August 06, 2012

Plague Marines continued

So now we come to the next model in the Zombie Marines units I have built for the Black Charity army.
With this guy I wants to go for a very distinct feeling of "How the bloody hell is that thing still alive let alone reaching toward me?!" and to accomplish that I went for an almost entire zombie torso showing the rotted flesh, the ruptured guts, and the shriveled head. I bore out the gauntlet, mucked it up a fair bit and then added a zombie hand to it. I placed the back pack at an angle and then fashioned strips of green stuff to to run across the chest showing that it was being held in place, but wasn't actually attached the way the should be. I deliberately made the texture of the  green stuff straps rough and un-even to carry on the "decayed" and "rotten" looks in the model.


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