Thursday, August 29, 2013

projects, big and... well big

It's so great to have friends to use as cheap labor. What cheap labor have I been using my friends for? Titan construction of course!
It's 2 bags of 'Bag-O-Titan!"
Contained with in these bags are the cut out pieces for 2 titans based on the Paperhammer template floating around the internet. All in all it took the two of us about 8 hours or so to cut out all the parts. Next in construction. Basically each of us is going to construct 1 Warhound titan as we see fit. Should be a bit of an interesting experience to see what two different hobbyists come up when they start from the same point.

Another update: I added the Tusks to the Squiggoth
T-rex head converted to be an Ork Gargantuan Squiggoth head
She's got some bite!
Next step will be to build up the musculature around the tusks with green stuff and texture it to match the skin.


  1. Which titan template are you using? There are a couple different ones for a few different size titans.

  2. I'm using the one I believe to be the oldest on the internet (it's the first one I ever found). It's the PDF template made by JSV.