Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Iron Clad Dreadnought

So I'm building a new Iron Clad dreadnought for my army. But I've already got one of the GW Iron Clads in my army and I like variety. I've ordered a Forge World Iron Clad as well so that's 2 different models. But the army is going to have 3 Iron Clads. So... what can I do? Simple: Convert one!

So I've got a Space Marine Ven-dread kit from GW that I'm going to convert into an Iron Clad.
A venerable Dreadnought being converted into an Iron Clad
The converted Iron Clad so far
I took the more angular armored front section so that it had a flat front and then added the thick strip of Styrene around the gorgette. Took some green stuff, put a base down and attached the piping to it and then added the vent from a Space Marine back pack. The tubes are Dragon Forge designs medium power cables. I built up an armor paneling similar to the Forge World dreadnought style.

The armor panels are sheets of styrene cut and glued. So far I'd say it's off to a good start. 


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