Friday, January 04, 2013


Well I've hit a little bit of a delay in work on the thunderbolt. Namely I need to wait for materials to come in. Yes, I am out of molding compound and had to order more. Hopefully the order will be in sometime early next week. For whatever reason I can not fathom, I am able to get reactive compounds, that have been used in the production of IEDs from over seas faster then I can order plane old sheet of sheet styrene from with in the continental US. Anyone else have that sort of... oddity in their country?

Anyway, I had actually managed to get a fair amount of work done before I realised I was out of molding compound.

The engine master, the main engine piece, the engine mounting block, engine detailing for smash casting, and the air intake for the engine.

As you can see there are 5 components there, well okay maybe you can't see all 5. There's the engine master on the left, behind that is the central engine that will go into the main body of the Thunderbolt. On the ceramic tile is the engine mount on the back, that big block looking thing. The intake for the engine closer to the camera and then to the left of the intake is another piece. it's really hard to see but it's the master for a detail piece I'm going to smash cast to apply to the engine master before i cast the copies of the engine.

I test fit the central engine earlier:
test fitting of the main engine in the body
It does fit but I'll need to put material in the body to secure it. As it stand now it's just too damned heavy for a couple dabs of plastic glue to secure it. I'm considering filling the body with resin and using that to secure the engine housing. Not only will that secure it, but it will also make the body very strong and resilient to being handled.


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