Friday, May 30, 2014

I bring the blessings of the Plague father!

So I've had a Forge World Mamon Nurgle Daemon Prince sitting on my project shelf for... waaay longer then I'd care to admit to. So I've had some time lately, I'm waiting for some materials to arrive to continue working on the stuff for the Apoc game I'm hosting in a few weeks.So with that extra time I've been working on various projects that have been sitting on my shelf. The Nurgle Daemon prince is one such project.

I got this guy as part of a warhammer lot I won on Ebay a few years ago. It wasn't a model I actually wanted, or has explicitly been seeking by bidding on the lot. I'm a bitz monkey. I admit it. The lot had mostly been random bits. $50, and I got like a 10 pound bag of bits and parts. The majority of the parts to build this bloated disgusting mound of rotten filth was among them.

Forge world Ddaemon Prince of Nurgle painted by Maverike Prime
Forge world Daemon Prince of Nurgle.
This is actually a really fun model to paint, it's just so crammed full of details and I don't just mean it's well scultped, but it has lots of extra visual appeal if you are interested in taking note of it.

The Toes of the Nurgle Daemon prince
The Toes of the Nurgle Daemon prince
Each of it's toe nails are visible and with some coloring make an outstanding addition to the model. Here I used some Ushabti bone shaded with several layers of Adrax Earth shade. This gives the toe nails this ugly infected yellowish coloring to it.

Nurgling chilling on the shoulder of the Nurgle Daemon Prince
There are several Nurglings on the model and they add a lot of little character to it. I'm tempted to go back and sculpt a pair of sun glasses on this one. he just looks like he would be chillin on the shoulder.
The tank of sludge and ooze is great. There's the pair of Nurglings that look like they're just hanging out at the water park, complete with dissolving skull pool toys.

I did apply some creative effects to the model in the form of slim and ooze dripping down the body and hanging off the gun barrels.
The Green slim of Nurgle drips down the body of the Nurgle Daemon Prince
This is actually a modified effect I picked up from SchnauzerFaceMinis painting tutorials, specifically the Death Wing Terminator. In that tutorial he used a rubber cement colored with a paint to achieve a congealed blood effect. I took the same trick and swapped the red paint with a bright green to get this putrid slim effect.
In this case I used the X-15 bright green from Tamiya to color the Uhu rubber cement. Once the glue was colored, I used a bit of scrap styrene to apply it to the model.


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