Tuesday, May 20, 2014

cannon nearing completion

So got the Orbital defense laser cannon mostly built. Not finished with the over all project, I still need to build the rest of the building that's going to mount the cannon, but the cannon itself is mostly built:
The Defense laser cannon

I have managed to build the platform for the cannon mounting. The platform itself is comprised of 6 lengths of sheet styrene cross mounted so that 3 lengths went one direction while the other three are laid over top in a perpendicular direction.The tiles are then laid ontop of that platform. I've braced the bottom with 1/4" square styrene and that helps the platform maintain it's strength and support the cannon. I'm going to edge the platform in the Games Workshop city of Death fence parts which you can see the corner of already on there.

And then there's the cowling for the cannon mount itself. The cowling is made from one half of a hamster ball with various pieces attached to it to suggest that it's more then... well... half a hamster ball.


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