Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gamers Aide: Psychic power cards for Space Marines

So I've been experimenting with using a librarian in my army of late. The versatility of the Librarain has a lot of options and since the psychic powers are free and chosen after deployment you don't have to commit to what they are when you build your army list. So I went to work in Photoshope and created a series of Psychic Power cards. Each card represents 1 power and has the rules for that particular power on the card. Nothing much more then that to it. I've put the card images here in the post so you can download them and make your own if you so choose.

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  1. hey mate! would you be able to upload the template that you used for the back ground of the cards, before you added the writing? i am photochop-illiterate lol or send to ryan _ miller 87 @ live . com . au