Saturday, June 23, 2012

Battle Report: Space Marines Vs Orks

Battle size: 1750
Mission:  Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead

Turn 1: I moved my Razorbacks forward 12", with the support of the Land Speeder Squadron, on the right flank in an effort to draw the Orks further away from their objective, popping smoke to help protect the forward most Razorbacks. With the Razorbacks under cover of their smoke clouds, the Land Speeders opened up on the forward most Orks felling a hand full. First blood to the Emperor's finest!

The Orks were fast to respond to the threat and the lead Buggies quickly roared forward while unleashing their rokkits into the Razorbacks destroying one and forcing its' occupants to bail out of the blasted vehicle. A pair of trukks rushed forward to allow the boyz to surround the other razorback and attempt to destroy it in close combat. Sadly the Nob failed to hit the broadside of a barn. Mid-field, the Lootas took aim at the Land Speeders and let fly managing to destroy one of the troublesome skimmers, tearing off a heavy bolter and shaking the other two speeders. The Tank Bustas raged at the tempting targets of the Land speeders, the targets too far away to be attacked. The Looted wagon attempted to blast the Ironclad dreadnought, but the entombed warrior proved to nimble to be caught in rage of the wagons gun.

Turn 2: Not willing to invite a second round of attacks from the surrounding Orks, the remaining Razorback quickly revved its' engines, reversing and catching the Ork nob under its treads and crushing it death as he attempted to attack the vehicles vulnerable rear armor. Eager to exact Vengeance for the destruction of the first Razorback, the combat squad inside quickly disembarked  and took aim at the Boyz, unloading on full auto shredding several of the boyz on the spot. Their brother squad from the first Razorback quickly added their own firepower to the effort and with the aide of a third volley of fire from another combat squad, they cleared the Boyz from the map. The Ironclad smashed over a barricade to bring it's guns to bear on the first of the Ork Trukk, its' Hurricane bolter tearing through the vehicles armor while it's Melta gun scored a killing strike destroying the ramshackle trukk with a resonating boom.

Showing a bit too much enthusiasm for the moment, the crew of the Looted Wagon hit the gas and sent the heavy vehicle careening forward before they got their wits about them.  The Lootas managed to once again land several telling shots against the Land Speeders destroying the vehicles much to annoyance of the Tank Bustas. Behind a row of buildings the Warboss and his lads stomped throw the debris hoping to get into a good scrap while the characteristic stomp stomp stomp of a pair of Deff Dreads echoed off the walls as the machines lumbered forward eager to join their brother green skins.

Turn 3: Believing they saw an opening for their attack, the Bike squad speed onto the battlefield escorted by the first Storm Talon. The Storm Talon Pilot saw the destruction of the Land Speeders and quickly moved to support his brothers on the ground while the Bikers speed forward out of line of sight of the Wagon. Unable to reach a proper position in time to be of assistance, the Storm Talon took advantage of a window of opportunity to land several assault cannon shots against the Warboss's mob. Behind the mob of Boyz, Librarian Azariah and his Stern Guard brothers came crashing out of the sky in their Drop pod landing on target. The 6 stalwart warriors dove out of the Drop pod and unleashed a combination of poisoned bolter fire and etheric energy into the boyz decimating their ranks but the group was quickly broadsided by the first of the two Deff Dreads. Despite a valiant effort to combat the mechanical monstrosity, the Deff dread claimed the Librarian and all but one of the Sternguard in a combination of Skorcha attacks and piston driven claw attacks.  Across the battlefield, the Bikers gunned their engines and came tearing toward the objective while the combined fire of the kannons and looted Wagon failed to find targets amongst the zooming marines. Hoping to claim an ambush on an approaching Trukk, the Ironclad dreadnought jumped over a ruined wall into the space beneath a ruined building.

Turn 4: The Ladz in the Wagon landed a lucky, not to mention destructive shot and destroyed the potentially troublesome Storm Talon in a single shot, it's debris raining down around the raging Warboss. To his shock, the Ironclad dreadnought was assailed not from within the Truck, but from above as the Boyz had jumped from the trukk into the overhanging balcony and clamored over the Dreadnought's head assailing it from the rear. Landing a telling blow to the vulnerable hydraulics, the Nob was able to smash the machine's legs and bring it crashing to the ground. To the Orks amazement the pilot of the venerable machine refused to die a second time and continued to fight on, crushing the nearest boy in its claw while ripping another 2 to pieces with its' guns.

"HA HA! Can't see me"
Turn 5: Coming into range, the Biker squad unloaded their guns on full auto into the defending Boyz feeling a handful as the second Storm Talon came screaming onto the battle field. The second Deff Dread came smashing and thrashing toward the Space marine objective it's claws and blades whirring as it charged into battle killing a single battle brother and forcing the unit to retreat and regroup. Unable to bring its weapons to bear against the 2nd defending squad, the Dread showed remarkable cunning for an ork and stepped back to avoid a reprisal attack from the missile launcher. This forward thinking failed to save the dread as the immobilized Razorback spun it's turret around and, with a single well placed Lascannon shot destroyed the monster outright. The footslogging Orks quickly retaliated by destroying the vehicle outright. 

The Orks which guarded the objective were un-phased by their losses and surged forward eager to get into it good and proper with the offending bike marines. Though the Marine superior training allowed them to fell several Orks, the sheer number of Orks threatened to overwhelm them and nearly half the unit was killed before the sergeant could sound a retreat.

Turn 6: Recovering from the previous beating, the Biker squad regrouped and prepared to charge the attending Orks on the objective. With a good strong push they could destroy the Looted Wagon and sow havoc among the Ork ranks, contesting the objective and weakening the Green Skins defensive lines in preparation for a subsequent strike from reinforcements. They may well have completed their mission had the Tank Bustas not landed a lucky shot and destroyed the Storm Talon. Robbed of their fire support, the Marines retreated from the battle field, vowing vengeance against the Orks.


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