Monday, June 18, 2012

Blood Raven Storm Talon

So, with a completed Storm Talon model built and otherwise sitting on my desk I decided to add it to my growing Blood Ravens army.

I built the Storm Talon with large laser blast effects bits from Armor Cast Cinematic Effects series. Overall I find the Storm Talon a very lack-luster model with nothing really impressive about it. The rules are a bit better, though I think it is still very expensive for what the unit is capable of. AV 11 with a twin linked assault cannon and a twin linked Lascannon for 150 points... I don't know. I think taking a trio of Land Speeder Typhoons for only slightly more point wise offers more fire power and more tactical options. Still I have the model, so I'll give it a shot and see how I feel about it.

So a layer of Mechrite read, a wash of Badab black for the red areas. Chaos Black with a dry brush of bolt gun metal for the metallic areas with a layer of Dehneb stone with layers of Bleached bone for the none areas. We'll see how it works out in game.


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