Friday, October 17, 2014

Project: MS-07B3 Gouf Custom Part #2

Collection of screen caps showing the effects and conditions the MS-07B3 Gouf Custom went through in the 08th MS team.
War is hell. It is an old line, and a true one. For machines they bear the scars of war in the weathering of their bodies. The Gouf custom went through a couple levels of hell itself in the one episode it appears in. Just from the collection of screen caps to the side there you can see it took some beating, got dirty, and took some damage to it. So what kind of weathering am I going to try to do on the kit?

Well I’m going to try and go for an ‘inspired by the anime’ sort of approach, but not necessarily  a ‘dictated by the anime’ approach. What do I mean? Well the Gouf will certainly have dust and dirt build up, something that can be seen from the anime. It moved through a lot of dirt and debris, kicked up dust and sand and concrete dust and the like. So going to try and add various types of dust effect to it.

There are several times where the Gouf is being shot at and Norris is using the shield… well as a shield. In real life the shield would be showing damage from these sorts of attacks. The paint would be chipped, the shield would be beginning to show wear and year, possibly even cracking some. Am I going to try and copy the exact damage that would have been inflicted on the shield based on the anime? No. Gun shots to the shield. Okay that is good enough. Needing to try and map out each bullet mark based on the location of the origin of the shop, recording its trajectory as it impacts the shield and figuring out the contour of the shield to determine the extent of the damage to it… yeah, not so much.

At one point in the anime the Gouf attacked a GunTank artillery unit, using it’s sword to destroy the crew compartment. In the process it was sprayed by a lot of oil and hydraulic fluid in a scene I feel was intended to be reminiscent of several movies where the character stabbed another character and was sprayed by the blood. While very gritty and characterful, I’m not sure I’m going to emulate that particular bit of weathering.

In the Anime the Gouf was able to launch itself into the air using the thrusters on its back. While the viability of this could be debated, the fact is such a jet propulsion on the back of the mobile will leave marks on its back arm and the back of the legs. Particles will be kicked about scratching paint and discoloring the metal. The heat of the jet engine will cause heat distortion on the back of the skirt armor and the back of the legs.

The Gouf had a pair of vents on its legs at the base of the leg armor. Their usage in the Anime appears to be that of a secondary vent intended to vent heat from the mechanics in the legs as they are shown putting out large gushes of air or steam. Somewhat like the thrusters on the back, these would be somewhat heat discolored and may show some wear from dirt being kicked around.
So how am I going to go about achieving the effects I’ve talked about? Well, some of them I know pretty well how I’m going to do it. Some of them I have an idea but have never actually tried it before. You know that “Hmm that sounds easy when I read it” sort of situation.

So, the shield. This one I think I know what to do to get the damage type I was talking about. First thing I’m going to do is mark out where I want the bullet marks to go. Then using a variety of tools I’ll work to create dents, and cracks in the shield. Then I will need to come back with silver and grey paint to color the cracks and dents to color them.  I’ll go into more detail in my next post about how I do this as that will be the focus of that post.

The dirt and dust will be achieved by applying various greys, browns and yellows from pigments. The big deal here is to use the pigments to provide dust and grit build up, but not to use the pigments to actually color the plastic. I also have to do this last as the pigment powders will be knocked off when I’m working on the shield and other parts of the model.

The heat distortion is actually a simple effect to pull off and will be achieved by using Citadel washes in a selective pattern. If you look at anything that has been discolored by heat, you will see that it is largely purples and blues. Since the majority of the model is already blue, I’ll probably have to use more of a maroon color wash to achieve the distortion effect.


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