Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Drop pod for a new list

So I've managed to get a couple games in against a friend and I think I'm getting a better handle on how I'm going to run my Space Marines. I've come up with a 2k list I'm calling the Iron Wind fall.

Space Marine Captain on Bike with Relic Blade, HellFire Rounds, Melta Bombs

10 man biker unit with a Multi-melta armed Attack Bike

10 man biker unit with a Multi-melta armed Attack Bike

5 Man Scout Squad W/ Telion
-4 Sniper Rifles
-1 Missile Launcher

5 Man Scout Squad

Fast Attack-
2x StormTalon Gunship armed with Skyhammer missile launchers

3x- Landspeeders W/ 2 heavy bolters each

3x Iron Clad Dreads with Seismic Hammer and Meltagun, 2 HK missiles and Hurrican Bolters in Drop Pods.

Aegis Defense Line with Icarus Lascannon

My plan is to put the Telion Scout squad in the Aegis defense line, that way I can use Telion to control the Icarus and thus get BS 5 against enemy flyers while his Camo cloak will give the Scouts a better cover save. My biker squads and Captain move forward hitting the enemy in concentration. As the Dreads become available I'll drop those in behind the enemy lines causing a pincer between the bikes and the dreads while the 2nd scout squad follows behind to grab another objective.

At least that's my plan anyway. We'll see if I can actually pull it off.

In the mean time I am building the list. I've already built the Bike Squads, the scouts, one Ironclad and one drop pod. Now I'm working on the second Drop pod.

Drop pod base assembled and painted
The base, painted and assembled.
 Thus far I've been working on the internal sections of the drop pod. A solid black base coat followed by a healthy dry brushing of bolt gun metal with a wash of Nuln oil works well as a machine base for the drop pod. I tried to paint the center console like it was glowing red indicating that it was time to deploy. I figure as a drop pod comes smashing down from the sky, the indicators inside it will flash red when it his ground and the marines come charging out.
the upper section of the drop pod assembled and painted
The upper section of the drop pod.
 I picked out some of the details in the upper engine in Runefang steel and then back and washed those details with nuln oil.
The parts of the new drop pod next to the previous drop pod.
The parts of the new drop pod next to the previous drop pod.


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