Friday, June 07, 2013

Dark Lance Designs

I ran across these guys at my gaming store about 2 months ago when they were talking about their plans to produce a terrain set of corridors and rooms that could be used to build the maps of a space station, underground bunker, space ship, ect. Initially I was intrigued and said "Hey keep me informed." Well now they've launched their kick starter to get the project going. They have a couple demo sets completed that they are taking around to hobby centers to show off to drum up interest in the product. I got to see it last night. I WANT! I figure I can't possible be the only person who will want these products so I'm spreading the word about Dark Lance Designs.

 Facebook Page              Kickstarter page

I'm  definitely going to be tossing a couple bucks their way. Those corridors look REALLY good.


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