Sunday, March 17, 2013

My hand wants to murder me now...

So with the whether kind of sort of maybe in a weird reverse sort of way starting to head in the springy direction, I've started getting ready for the days when the temperature will be warm enough and the humidity low enough to make priming my models doable. Toward that end I've partially assembled 3 attack bikes, 3 land speeders, and a drop pod and mounted the parts on tooth picks mounted in sections of wood I'm going to use as painting sticks.

And you see the... that's a lot of parts and pieces.  There are three 2' sections of wood filled with holes that are mounting the parts of the landspeeders, attack bikes and drop pod. I've also got a unit of Assault marines that I'm in the process of preparing to be painted that will like wise be added to the priming party. And a 5 man unit of Terminators. And to think, I drilled all 76 of those holes with my pin vice.


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