Friday, March 01, 2013

Have I got my work cut out for me

So, I've had a rather bizarre series of luck the last couple weeks where I won a bunch of Ebay Bucks and used them to buy a couple kits and then I won a raffle that netted me another kit and then I got a discount at the hobby store that netted me basically a free land speeder, honestly I've lost track of it. But I took all the kits I have sitting in my cabinet waiting to be worked on and stacked them up and was rather shocked at my haul of waiting to be built kits:
Let me count out what this is getting my Blood Ravens forces:
3 Land Speeders
1 Attack Bike
6 Biker Marines
1 Land Speeder Storm
2 Drop Pods
5 Assault marines.

With the whether beginning to change toward the warmer temperatures I'll be somewhat short on time to get all of these kits built and ready for priming before the "Too-Hot" to prime weather hits. I still have those three attack bikes I built a few weeks ago ready for priming too.


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