Monday, November 24, 2014

This year

So, it’s coming up on of November. This creates an issue for me, namely the fact that I want to continue working on my projects but I work in retail. As most of you are probably aware, at least in North America (I honestly have no idea if the rest of the world suffers like this, and I very honestly hope they do not) from about the 2nd week of November through the first week of January is the single busiest portion of the year for retail environments, and to be honest, the most hectic. Everyone is in a rush to get this item, or grab that gizmo, everything is rush for the last minute, and everyone wants everything right now, it’s just such a hassle. On the upside, it means more hours which means more money which means more resources for projects. On the downside, it means more hours at work during a more demanding period of time which means less hours for projects, and less inclination to undertake during the hours I’m not working or sleeping due to exhaustion. Seriously, trying to use sharp tools when you’re tired just isn’t a good idea. So what does all this mean? Well for the next 6 weeks I am not going to commit to working on any major part of a project . I will still be posting, but rather talking about projects I am currently working on, I will be reviewing and discussing my projects from the year up to this point. I’m also going to cut my posting schedule down to one post per week until January 5th where
I will return to my normal 2 post a week schedule.

So, here is the schedule of project reviews I will be doing over the course of the next month roughly:

December 1 - Death Watch Detachment
As part of my preparation for an Apocalypse scale Warhammer 40,000 game I assembled and painted a detachment of Death Watch Space Marines. This detachment consisted of 2 10-man Sternguard squads with 2 heavy bolters and sergeant each, and a Watch Captain.

December 8 – Project Thunderhawk
This is a biggie project, and yet is the simplest to explain: I am working on scratch building a Space Marine Thunderhawk Gunship based on a paper hammer template. I’m taking it a bit further by wiring it up with lights. I had originally wanted to try casting pieces I needed multiples of in resin,
but ultimately decided to just build the parts as needed.

December 15 – odd and Ends Warhammer projects
Less of a proper project and more of a catch all for various one-off projects for Warhammer I’d completed through out the year. I’ll be talking about the Trygon with Fibre optic eyes, the Jain Zar I converted from a Lilith model, and the Servo Skull tape measure I re-painted.

December 22 – Project Wing Gundam
This is really where I started to revamp my approach to this blog and began branching out into modeling beyond building Units for Warhammer 40,000. With my first return to GunPla modeling, I tried using new paints on what is intended to be effectively an action figure once it’s built.

December 29 – Project Heavy Arms Gundam
Project Heavy Arms was a very interesting project for me and really helped me shift focus from my normal approach to modeling. The overall objective of the project was to convert a 1/100 scale Heavy Arms Custom Kia model into a 1/100 Heavy Arms model, or at least something close to it.

January 5 – Project Gouf Custom
With this project I deliberately moved into using coloring pigments, a tool for model builders I had never used before. My goal was to weather the model based on the damage it took in the anime. Here I will be talking about what I learned about using with pigments.


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