Saturday, July 12, 2014

So I made something

Got a new piece built for the Thunderhawk:

Scratch built engine cowling for a Space marine Thunderhawk Gunship
Got a guess what this is? Well I'll save you the trouble:

It's this:
a Raptor Thunderhawk with the engine cowling highlighted
Yup. That is one section of one engine on this bird.

Now want to know the really twisted part?

Well, yes there's the point that I have to build 2 more of these things. But beyond that point. This one part is built out of 88 separate pieces of styrene. Yup. 88 pieces.

 So now I have to make 2 more of 'em. That'll mean I have to cut out 176 pieces and assemble them. I'm sort of tempted... in a weird I want to torture myself sort of way, to actually count up the number of pieces of styrene it ultimately takes me to build this monster. And then I'll have to at least double that because I want to build a 2nd one that I can convert to go with My Chaos Forces.


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