Thursday, April 10, 2014

Well here I am

Greetings once again all. So some good news/bad news time. Since I prefer the approach of "Bad news first that way the good news sounds that much better" I'm gonna start with with that.

I lost my regular job, yeah the one where I made about $2k a month.

I wasn't fired, the company went through a re-org to stream line a lot of things and my position was one of the ones that got eliminated. Because of my pay rate at the time I wasn't able to take any of the job openings at the time with out a major pay cut and the company was obligated to offer me the same pay rate I was presently getting. So why pay a guy $2k a month to do a job when we can pay someone else $1250 a month to do the exact same job? Yeah, I can't say I fault them. Given the situation I would likely have made the exact same choice. So since I was laid off, as opposed to terminated, I got a pretty nice severance package so I'm not exactly hurting in the money department right now. But I am without regular income. I still have my side jobs and free lance work so I have money coming in, but yeah.

So what's the good news? Got more time for my hobby stuff. Which is kind of a good thing actually because I'm coming down to the wire on getting ready for the Apocalypse game. I've been working with a friend to get the large scale terrain materials completed but her schedule and mine hadn't been syncing up terribly well previously do to school and work between the two of us. But with my schedule freeing up the way it has been it makes it easier to sync up now. I've still got a fair amount of work to do on the terrain. The war wall needs to be finished being built and then painted, the orbital defense laser needs to be built and painted, the orbital lander like wise needs to be built and painted. The annoying problem with these projects is that there are sections where all you can do is wait for the glue to dry. And by large sections I mean like 1-2 days. So yeah... makes it interesting.

Now, has you all know I have an incredibly bad case of ADHD when it comes to projects so yes I will be working on the stuff for the apoc ga... SQUIRREL!

Sorry what was I saying? Oh right, what I'm working on.

Well a while back I did a HelBrute conversion with a Twin-linked Lascannon. You'll remember that this was back when all we really had was the HelBrute from the Dark Vengeance set. And then later I rebuilt another Helbrute to have two power fists. Well I've been working on painting them. Oh and the standard HelBrute from the DV kit as well. I mostly finished the Dark Vengeance Helbrute already, minus the tentacles on the side that is.
The Games Workshop Helbrute with Power fist and Multimelta from the Dark Vengeance box set painted in Crimson Slaughter colors.
The Dark Vengeance HelBrute in Crimson Slaughter Colors

I need to get a good base color for purple on the tentacle. Surprise surprise I don't have one. But with that one largely done I was ready to start on the other two:
3 helbrutes from Games Workshop, all from the Dark Vengeance Box set but two of them have been converted. One with Two power fists and the second with a twin linked lascannon.
The three Crimson Slaughter HelBrutes!
The other two helbrutes are only base colored so far but I am working on them in spurts.

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  1. Way to stay positive! Enjoy the quality hobby time too ;)