Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Deathwatch detachment

So I'm continuing to work on the Death Watch Detachment for the upcoming Apoc game. All of the models are at least primed, all but five of them have the silvered arms of the Death Watch armor, and some of them even have the shoulder pads for their chapters painted!

the first 8 members of the Death Watch detachment with paint on them
Group 1 of the Death Watch detachment
an Imperial Fist Space Marine, a Iron Hands Space Marine, and a Crimson Fist Space Marine Death Watch Members
The Three hands. Get it? Crimson Fist, Iron hand, and Imperial fist.
A crimson fist, an Imperial Fist, and an Ultrmarine
A crimson fist, an Imperial Fist, and an Ultrmarine
I've also found the parts and pieces to build most of a dreadnought to dd to the Detachment. I might go all out and build an army level Death Watch detachment. Toying with the idea. I'll already have 2 Sternguard squads, a Dreadnought and a Captain. That's a fairly sizable starting core.

Anyway, the Dreadnought. I wanted to keep the Dreadnought in an similar design to the marines so I wanted to add the lettering to the left shoulder guard.
The Death Watch Dreadnought's shoulder guard
The Death Watch Dreadnought's shoulder guard

Reasonable success I would say. I had to file down the surface enough to leave a slight 'burr' so that the the layer of green stuff had something to adhere to. I then used instant mold to make reliefs of the letters on the various parts of the Venerable dreadnought kit. Using those reliefs I could then press mold the lettering on the shoulder guard. I'll need to add the Inquisitorial sigil to it later. But one step at a time.

As an aside I am putting together an online Death Watch RPG game. If you are reading this and are interested in joining in, drop me a comment with you email address and I'll send you the info for it.


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