Monday, January 27, 2014

work and projects

Okay, so I'm still alive. I survived retail hell and I'm working on various projects again. Also got a really big project I'm working on, an Apocalypse game! I hosted an apoc game last year. It had its ups and it had its downs. The folks who played in it had a lot of fun and they've asked me if I was going to do another one. So I am! But I'm gonna push it out several months for several reasons. First reason being is giving people a chance to get ready for the game, mainly by getting all those models they want but can't really using in their armies. But also to give people a chance to get coordinated and synced up with one another in the game. Also I need time to get ready for it. I've got some plans that require the construction of specialized terrain. So  I need time to build that terrain. I've set up a website to provide a single location for interested parties to get information on the game.

In the last Apoc game I put together 3 4'x8' tables to create a 12'x8' table and saw about 35,000 points on the table. For this upcoming game I'm hoping to get 50,000+ points on the table. But I'm also going to be setting up a far larder board. So large that I've talked to the owner of Game Vault and have reserved the front gaming room for the battle. Which also gives me some 136 square feet of table top space to work with.

But the Apoc game isn't the only thing I'm working on. Well sort of anyway. I'm also working on some other 'cool' stuff that is being motivated for use in the Apoc battle. The first of these is a Death Watch detachment which will consist of 2 ten man Sternguard squads with a Captain. I ordered 2 tactical squads, Pedro Kantor model, 3 different chapter shoulder pads, a Death Watch conversion kit, and an Iron Hands conversion kit.Well the order came in and I've gotten to work on my plan for the detachment.

Deathwatch Captain
So I've converted Kantor into the Death Watch Captain. The biggest point of conversion on this model was the storm bolder arm. I speciffically wanted to have a Death Watch shoulder pad on the left shoulder. Originally I had hoped I would be able to shave down the existing shoulder so I could mount the shoulder pad on it but the way the arm is designed made this not viable. The ammo feed connects at the back of the shoulder in such a way that I would had to disconnect the ammo feed while the original shoulder pad came low enough on the arm that I would have to replace the upper arm anyway to keep details that were previously covered.

So I had to replace the entire upper arm. I used one of the straighter arms from the tactical marines sprue for the replacement.
For the rest of the detachment I'm going to build 20 marines, decked out to be representative of Stern Guard, with a varied assortment of chapter markings. I have the bits and pieces so that I'll be able to build 3 Ultramarines, 2 Iron Hands, 2 Crimson Fists, 2 Imperial Fists, 2 Black Templar, 2 Dark Angels, 2 Blood Angels, 2 Space Wolves, 2 Aurora Chapter Marines and 1 black shield to round out the two squads.

Another project I'm working on is Egyptian Chaos Marines:
Egypt styled Mauler and Forge Fiend
Egypt styled Mauler and Forge Fiend
These will be a ForgeFiend and Mauler Fiend respectively. I'm going to mount the cannons on the sides of the Howdath of the WarSphynx.


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