Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hell Brute conversion part 2

So got some work done on the converted hell brute.
I had to go a bit different with mounting the body. I actually have a length of brass rod running from under the base up through the arm into the shoulder. And then the shoulder is pinned to the body. The Torso is largely free standing in this regard. But because I cut apart the abs of the brute and have repositioned it, I have to rebuild the detail for the body.
To help in this regard I put a length of piping in the body and am using that as a base to build up the abs and back detail. I've got a couple lengths of smaller tubing I'm going to use for the hydraulics in the body.

And just because I had the original Hell brute on my desk. we get to the Brothers:


  1. Very nice work on the conversion. A breath of fresh air from all the clones out there. Bravo!

  2. Wow, I just looked at all of your work across your time posting. Great work. I shared it via our fanpage. More people need to see your work.

  3. Downright beautiful. OST is right, nice content (thanks for bringing it to my attention OST). Very inspiring. I've added you to my blog roll.

  4. So, this is the first Helbrute conversion I've seen and its going great. Once I get my current project finished (ie saturday when the tournament I am prepping the army for is held), my plan is to go at my Helbrute with a saw. I'm considering picking up some of the Walker arms from Puppetswar to serve as replacement arms. Their shoulder pads fit the design of the Helbrute fairly well, I think, and with some greenstuff to corrupt them and make them look muscular, I think I'll be able to turn the DV models into flexible units I can play around with. I am definitely waiting for the book to be out before I place any orders though, I don't want to risk buying something I cant use!